India Club Dubai


India Club’s Library is located on the Ground level of the Swimming Pool complex and offers its members a wide array of local, Indian and International publications, newspapers and novels in English and Hindi. Members can borrow up to 3 books at a time for a period of 1 week.

The Library is open 7 days a week.


All Days

All Days


10.00 AM- 2 PM

4.00 PM- 10 PM


With the computerization of the Library, the following rules will be applicable for issuing of Library Books:
• 3 Books/Magazines will be issued per family. (i.e. combination of 2 Books &
1 Magazine only)
• No books will be issued on Fridays.
• All Books/Magazines will be issued for a maximum of 7 Days with a 3 Days Grace.

Issue of Library Books
Members will be issued books/magazines on presentation of Club ID Cards only.

Return of Library Books
Books will not be accepted on the day of functions. However in case if the due date falls on such days, then the books will be accepted on the next working day.

Books will not be kept at the reception or Admin. Office or handed over to any staff for return to the Library.

Library Deposit
A deposit of @ Dhs. 100/- will be charged per family.

A fine @ Dhs. 5/- will be charged per book from the 11th day onwards.
Additional Fine @ Dhs. 5/- will be charged per book from the 21st day onwards.