Information For Members

Entry to the Club only through ID Cards

W.E.F 1st June 2004 members will only be allowed to enter the Club through access ID Card entrance, and members not carrying ID Cards will be treated as guests and will have to pay guest charges to enter the Club.

Loss Of Id Cards

Loss of Membership Identity Cards is to be immediately notified in writing to the Club to Fax: 3378880, to enable Reception to block entry. A new card will only be issued on receipt of fee for duplicate card.

How to white list in your email client


Steps to remove emails from spam folder.

Steps to add emails from to whitelist (create a filter)

Domain (Windows Live and MSN)

Method 1 :

Method 2 :


If you have an email message from the sender you want to whitelist or add:

If not already checked, place a check in the Also trust e-mail from my Contacts check box.

Click OK.

In 2007, click OK.

The above content is available for download in a PDF file here.